Thursday, September 15, 2011

“The future is actually here it just doesn’t arrive all at once”

By John Trimble
Novelist William Gibson is credited with the line “The future is actually here it just doesn’t arrive all at once” It’s both catchy and inarguable. I doubt that he was thinking of the state of process automation and document management when he said it but he might as well have been.

That thought was further driven home this week for me as I just got back from a National Hyland OnBase Users Conference in Las Vegas. (Hide your envy, it rained for two entire days, I don’t gamble, so Las Vegas to me is like Des Moines with better restaurants) But what struck me were the companies who had won the Hyland Software “Creative Awards’ for improving their processes with document imaging and workflow. Company after company spoke in almost revival meeting fervor and pride about how they have sped up, modernized and workflowed their information, allowing in some cases the public to see information on the web that previously required a trip to the County office or greatly increased customer satisfaction or even improved law enforcement. The Las Vegas Police Dept. now handles Homeland security cases at five times their prior rate because they have automated with fewer people.

On and on…the Kool Aid definitely knocked back and rightfully so. Unpaid, gleeful testimony.

So for these and many more companies and institutions the future has arrived. Why then is there still such a lag and a divide between the haves and have nots in document imaging? How can some still afford to or even want to accept being old-world-manual and slow when they know what is available, what their peers are doing, what their competitors are doing?

Technology is funny; if you could peer into every home on your block you would see everything from 12 inch black and white television sets to 65 inch high definition plasma and we would agree that is just personal taste. But if you walked into a company and applied for a job and realized as they started copying your application by hand that they did not own a copier you would quickly run for the parking lot. Business requirements transcend and trump personal choice. Or so you would think.
Apparently even in business change, technology and culture travel time can be on a seven second delay or it sometimes arrives by a team of oxen. Gee, Haw and all that. But it does come. Eventually.

Just not all at once.
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Imaging Office Systems Expands Again, Adding Records Management Services

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind., Sept. 1, 2011 Imaging Office Systems, Inc. (IOS) is a leading provider of content management systems, scanning and data capture, systems integration, and custom software development announced today that it purchased the assets of Document Management Solutions (DMS), a privately held local document storage company.  DMS provides document and file management services including off-site records storage, expedited retrievals, and CRM consulting services.

This acquisition is consistent with IOS' strategy to complement their core business. Adding DMS's proven capabilities and 16 years' experience in hard copy storage elevates IOS to be considered uniquely qualified in allowing their clients to be truly paperless.

This complete solution loop is now possible as IOS combines its volume scanning and high end imaging software offerings and integrations for handling day forward documents with this new storage option for longer term retention requirements.

Using the unique DMS model, IOS will continue to provide clients with their own storage bays so their records stay together, separate and apart from any other clients. Russ Bassett cabinets, designed for archiving special formats, allow IOS to accommodate permanent storage for microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, engineering drawings and roll or flat drawings. 

Customers will continue to make file requests and even view them without ever leaving their desks via a secure internet interface.  Requests for archived records that used to take days are completed in hours or less, if required. IOS is excited about these new services as they stay true to their focus on content management.

Imaging Office Systems, Inc. (IOS)
Deriving 100% of its revenue from content management, IOS has installed over 600 imaging systems in the Midwest.  In addition to document management solutions from its partners Hyland, EMC, PSIGen, Canon, FileBound, and Fujitsu, IOS has an in-house Professional Services Group that performs system integrations and conversion, workflow and custom programming. With its multiple facilities IOS is also one of the largest document conversion service bureaus in the United States converting more than 5 million pages a month. 

Document Management Solutions, Inc. (DMS)
DMS was originally opened by Tom Martin in Anderson Indiana in 1989 as the Midwest Microfilm Conversion Center for Bell & Howell.  In 1995, Tom purchased the facility and created Document Management Solutions.  Since then, Tom expanded the business to include paper and electronic document storage and retrieval, and scanning services.  DMS used their vast industry experience to provide their clients with the best possible combination of storage, protection, and fast availability of documents.  Like IOS, DMS had a single core competency and that was content management.